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Okay, I know I'm a day behind on this one but I really wanted to participate in this event! Problem is is that I wasn't around for most of the MADE tour stuff so I really didn't have any favorite MADE tour moments or interviews or things like that. But I did see some really awesome Tour Merch so I decided that I would at least do one card for the 3rd BBM!!!! :D Even if I'm a day behind.... >.< Hopefully in the next BBM I'll actually participate on every day... And on time!!!!
Okay, so my favorite Big Bang tour merch has got to be these cute adorable Big Bang x Krunks!!!!! Preferably the softer and fluffier ones!!!! The moment I saw these, I almost died!! They're so adorable and I wish so badly that I could have one!!!! Preferably any of the G-Dragon ones, but any would do cx I know it's probably not possible to get any these at tours anymore, especially since Big Bang is either done with their tour or they're about to be.... I probably could find these online, but I would much rather get one on one of their tours....Oh well :l
Big Bang had a ton of awesome merch for their MADE tour and I wish I could have every single one of their merch items!! So what was your guys' favorite tour merch? Was it the hoodies, shirts, pens, dolls, crown light things, ect.? And which lucky people actually got to go to see them live on their tour?? I hope that I can actually buy some merch in the future and see them live one day. And I hope to participate in the BBMs more often as well cx
I'm sorry if I tag you and you didn't want to be tagged!! If you would like to be removed from my tag list than please tell me, thank you!!!!
@LemonLassie Lucky!!!! I still have a ton of things to watch but I'll eventually get there cx
@lovetop They're so cute!!!!
I got their MADE hat!! It came with a free button. I didn't get to see them, but i watched everything on youtube or dramafever
Oh their YG bears... that is cute