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Circa 1975

Armpit hair. We all have it yet when it comes to women, the thought of having hairy underarms disgusts many. This week a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio's mother surfaced from 1975 thanks to Facebook page 'History All Day' but it wasn't the adorable baby Leo that people were fawning over, it was the fact that DiCaprio's mother had full tuft of underarm hair. For the 70s, it has been said to be traditionally more normal to find women who didn't shave. But by today's standards, women rarely forego a shaved underarm and if they do sport some armpit hair it's usually dyed or covered in glitter.
This picture brings up the age old question. Should women shave their underarms or stay au-natural?
Personally, I believe that all women can do and should do whatever they want with their own body hair. Every woman has her own grooming routines and this one shouldn't be any different. What I do promote though is that everyone at least wears deodorant to prevent B.O. because no one likes to be around a smelly person. Many commenters on the Facebook page said it was awesome that she was doing her own thing while others commented in utter disgust. Definitely an interesting debate topic.

Calling all ladies, do you shave your armpits?

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I shave 'em, it's my personal preference. But I don't think it's anyone's business dictating what anyone else should do
@shannonl5 i shave too bcoz i just feel super uncomfy with all those hairs but yeah that doesn't mean everyone has to shave
I don't! Its not cause im taking a stand against society or anything haha i'm just lazy as hell.
@sophiamor lol I'd say that's a legit reason not to!
I shave, but I don't personally think nor do I care whether others do or don't. That isn't to be taken rudely, but who am I to say what others can and can not do? The only reason I do is other than on my head I have always found excessive hair to be weird, but, hey, that's my personal opinion. So long as I can show my respect to other opinions I can be respected as well. Therefore I am all for everybody going and doing what they wish.