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@amobigbang made this lovely game so had to give it a try

My Date:Taemin😍💕

I swear last screenshot thing I did I got him too lately taemin has been killing me like no tomorrow and I've had his songs on repeat the past couple of days.... This man is out to get me

My gift😍😍

Taemin loves me too well I love bling and what's even better than bling chocolate wrapped in bling😂😂

My outfit💕

I will say I'm not one for heels but I love this nice and classy casual nothing too crazy

Date Location💕

Go big or go home

Do we make love into a verb ??

I mean......... I'm not complaining have you seen taemin...........just don't tell Jiyong and we'll be a okay😂😂😂
Love it!
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Lol thanks for playing