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Shinhwa Hopes to Build a Shinhwa Concert Hall
First a museum, and now a concert hall, the Shinhwa members revealed they still have lots to do in the future. On tvNs’ Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside, the members were asked what kind of goals they were planning. Eric first said he hoped that the members would become something like six George Clooneys. The other thing they had in mind was a concert hall in their name. “Min Woo talked about this in an interview once, and this would be something in the far future and we’re not even sure if it’s possible, but we want to build a concert hall in our names,” said Eric. “Even though we might not exist in the future, we hope that our names can continue to be mentioned as our juniors perform in the halls.” Lee Min Woo added that he hopes that the stars who perform at the Shinhwa concert hall will continue to achieve much success.
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