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Jimin wow is it bad I was wishing so hard to get him? wishes do come true
my outfit is to dressy for this cute date
well then
Lmao, y'all gonna need to call that stork for your babies in about 9 months. Auntie Chelsea will be available for baby sitting. Though it is sad to see that Jimin apparently cheated on me and took you to the same place we had our date. Like he even put out for you. I am heartbroken. *throws my promise ring at him* That's okay though, you deserve him more than I do. I was creeping on the side with Yugyeom anyway. c:
@amobigbang it's okay I still liked it! but I think the comfortable cloths will go well with any situation
thanks for playing. hum...maybe I might make a new one with some practical outfits. it seems like some many of yall like comfortable stuff just like me. I had some comfortable outfits put no one got them lol.
@ChelseaJay haha Auntie Chelsea our baby should be here soon so be ready to baby sit so we can order another baby 馃槀馃槀 lmao it's okay chels he knew your heart belonged to Yugyeom! when will I baby sit yalls baby?