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This fishes in Finland is muikku, it is kind of small fishes, mostly catch in Baltic sea. We, The Finns, often to eat this fishes, with fresh grow potato, and with some cream. Imagine yourself wake up in the morning after the big night out, eat some crunchy small fishes with sunshine in the small terrace of flea market in the city. That, my friends, is called the simple happiness in life.
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@nollacolla yes the cooking way is the same I mean the flour and frying part, I just wondered if there were any spices in this dish besides salt, ooh I love the kicking of spices lol
@ahhae89 you are welcome ! But please make sure, next time you come to Finland, you need to definitely bring it with you! And please bring some kimchi with you :P I believe Kimchi is going to go pretty well with this dish heheh, do you think so ?
@ouahoo to prepare this fish is really easy, just cover it with flour mix with salt, and then fry it in the hot stove. And then, you have the dishes ! This dish is cooked the same way in many country, I believe :)
@nollakolla haha thank you for your kind explanation! Sadly, I was too scared to try this when I was in Finland, so instead I just tried smoked salmon! It was niceeeeee! Next time I visit Finland(hope I can go soon) ill definitely try this! :)
@nollakolla I would love to know how this fish is prepared? We have the same thing in Algeria with Sardines marinated in garlic cumin and hot sauce called "Harissa", the smallest are the sardines better the taste is yum yum ;p
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