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[by Joy Kim / photo by Kim Gang yoo] On 5th of June, Burberry Store\'s renewal opening event was held at Hyundai departmentstore at COEX. To celebrate the new opening, top celebrities visited the event. As a guest musician, former Burberry\'s model and musician Roo Panes visited Korea. Meanwhile, top actors and actresses including Kim Hee ae, Lee Yeon hee, Yoon Eun hye, Ha ji won, Lee Sang yoon, Cha Seung won, Lee Jin wook, CNBLUE\'s Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min hyuk visited to Burberry. source:
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Are they scared?
I think they're BORED. LOL! Or tired. :(
They are probably tired because of their world tour
love both of them
I lube the as well Aimeeluna!