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Fall Out Boy is a really popular band. Their current tour: "Wintour Is Coming" is selling out all over the country, They've been around for a while, and have an extensive catalog of material. Here are a few of my favorite deep cuts, and why they're awesome of course.
Here we go!

1. Alpha Dog

This originally came out on the "Citizens For Our Betterment" mixtape along with unreleased tracks from Gym Class Heroes and Panic! At The Disco. It was the cut that stood out the most. People were so crazy about it that it eventually came out as a bonus track on "Believers Never Die" the Greatest Hits record that came out right before the hiatus. Anyway, listen to it because it's really intense and can inspire you to get through your day, beat someone up, etcetera.

2. You're Crashing, But You're No Wave

Toward the end of their 2007 release, "Infinity on High" you can catch this track. It's a hidden gem that describes the scene in a court room. There's a lot of classic Patrick Stump vocal runs and fabulous vintage riffs. It features long time FOB producer Butch Walker and gives us a grand, cinematic version of the band we previously hadn't seen, and wouldn't see until 2013's "Save Rock and Roll."

3. West Coast Smoker

The allure of this song is that it features Debbie Harry. Yeah, that Debbie Harry from Blondie. It's a completely different kind of song than we're used to from Fall Out Boy. It's got edge, it's full of anger and it makes songs like Dance Dance look like they were performed by One Direction. All of that aside, it's an incredible feat to be able to change genres and styles like FOB does. This song is a testament to that.

4. Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

If you've ever felt homesick, this song will make complete sense to you. It's a lesser known track amongst casual fans, but an old favorite for the die-hards. It marries the complete innocence of leaving your hometown for the first time and the overwhelming feeling of returning to it. Definitely a wonderful track.

5. My Heart Is The Worst Kind of Weapon

This collection of tracks came out in 2004, right before their debut smash "From Under The Cork Tree". It's the precursor to everything, and the biting lyrics of this alt-rock stunner had us begging for more and more Fall Out Boy for years to come. Good thing we got it.
I think this is my 6th time! I love love them. They've gotten better and better live over the years
@TessStevens lucky! :0 I've never seen them in concert but I'd like to
I love West Coast Smoker 馃槏 and FOB in general!
@kawaiiporpoise awesome I'm seeing them in San Francisco Sunday! I'm really excited!!!!!! They've been my favorite band for a while