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This one is pretty much me. Like, yeah, sometimes I think about how much cooler it would be if I had a special someone to come home to, but then I remember that basically everyone has cooties. Everyone.
So totally afraid of cooties. I thought I was alone. lol Remember Stuart on MadTv and how he would dodge people who tried to touch him. That's me. Reach out to touch me and, I don't really know you, I'm leaning to the left or faking to the right. It's an automatic response. smh
@Danse Cooties are everywhere. They've yet to find a cure. That cootie shot vaccination in the 90s was a serious hoax.
@danidee Makes total sense!! I knew cooties were real
@YumiMiyazaki You know that Phil Collins song about how he can feel it comin in the air tonight? He meant cooties.
That's so me. I dunno why I'd rather coversate at home than in public. There's just something about people in public...it changes them...almost like there's something in the air...*whispers* cooties...
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