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Being Single Can Be A Catch 22.
This one is pretty much me. Like, yeah, sometimes I think about how much cooler it would be if I had a special someone to come home to, but then I remember that basically everyone has cooties. Everyone.
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@jazminramirez9 That's why msg rocks... You get to cuddle w/ yourself (or body pillow) and just chat with folks from comfy nest... ;) (I like to pretend we're simply songbirds in training... someday we'll just be chirping/tweeting to one another to cheer up someone else's day indirectly. 😊
a year ago·Reply
@StarRainTearBow um what's msg 😅😩
a year ago·Reply
messenging; either on phone or computer, on IM, chat boards (what we're currently doing) 😂
a year ago·Reply
@StarRainTearBow oh 😅thanks
a year ago·Reply
S'all good... I figure I forget what I'm in the middle of doing @ least 20+ times a day... 😉
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