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1)People leaving the fandom because Jimin lost his abs. Okay this one I really hate because they only love him for his abs like really?!? As soon as ge lost his abs people left the fandom. So your telling me that you wouldn't mind that he basically STARVES HIMSELF and PASSES OUT as long as he has abs. How stupid can you be. 2)BTS is untalented. So your telling ne that these 7 boys are untalented REALLY?!?Your calling them untalented when they won Several awards for example:Newcomer Award, Best Debut Male,Best Single of the Year, Rookie of the Year,New Rising Star, Rookie of the Year(again),Male Group Rookie of the Year, and lots more. BTS has trained for so long and if they weren't talented they wouldn't be where they're now and you still think they are untalented. I bet have of these haters Havent even listen to a song by them they just hate because they dont understand which is stupid because most of the KPOP fans out there dont understand they like BTS because of the music and most KPOP is better than the music people produce in America because all people talk about these days is just Girls, money, and a bunch of other stuff. So to the people calling BTS or actually any KPOP group untalented,How stupid can you be. 3)BTS can't rap. just look up cypher pt2 and 3 and look at the lyrics thats all i gotta say Pls dont hate me bc this is MY opinion and it deserves to be heard.j
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Preach it!!!
@ChaErica Thanks
I've heard the one about Fandom leaving because Jimin didn't have abs anymore. I still can't believe that happened
@chenderella LOL I'm a gurl too馃槉