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Amen! The second you start thinking of how others see you, you start losing sight of how you should see yourself. We're all strong and unique people and sometimes we just forget that.
@sophiamor You're absolutely right. :)
@sophiamor Yes all the time, I think or worry about what or how, others see me, its hard this image based world we live, I am much happier closing my eyes and feeling my own spirit, than looking at my external image.
Thanks I needed reminding. It is hard these days of social mass communication, not to judge oneself, I know I do it all the time, even if I know its wrong, it's so hard not to, when everything you do seems to be either put under a microscope or ignored in to oblivion. But in reality, who you are is not defined by others, but by yourself.
@mrsmith You're very very welcome :) Always love who you are no matter how others view you.