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After seeing this card by @amobigbang, and @alywoah's hilarious response card, I just had to join in :) I've been meaning to join in the makeup fun since I went a bit...well, crazy, a few months ago and bought a lot of makeup, so I'll start with this :)
This is for my current basic look - I can do this in about 10 or so minutes, and it's what I do most mornings! Sometimes I'll build on this or swap products out, but I've fallen into this routine & really liking the results! I also left out my skincare routine XD

1. Base!

Here's what I usually use:
- Philosophy the Present Primer
- Milani Eyeshadow Primer
- Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation
I occasionally swap things out & use my LORAC foundation instead, but this has been what I use lately. With this awesome foundation, I haven't had to use concealer unless my eye bags go crazy (in which case It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye is my savior ^^)

2. Ready: Set, Blush, Highlight!

Annnnd then come my powders:
- LORAC porefection powder (this is way too buttery to use with my current foundation since the Tarte one is pretty creamy, but I'm obsessed with it and use it to set it anyways!)
- Physcian's Formula - I don't know the color name blush lol
- Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Powder Highlighter!
I use all these products pretty sparingly - I don't like for things to feel heavy & with my creamy tarte foundation too much on top of it feels like hell XD

3. Eyes!

- TheBalm - Mr. Write Now eyeliner in Jack B. Bronze
- Essence - Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black
- (if I add a cat eye) Butter London Wink Matte Liquid Eyeliner in Union Jack Black
- Organic Wear Mascara by Physician's Formula
- Too Faced - Matte Eyes (not Natural Matte!!!)
I use just three brushes for this - my duo brushes from EcoTools that I love & my one "splurge" brush from Morphe!
I'm lucky enough to have crazy long eyelashes so I don't worry much about mascara. I just use the bronze liner to line my bottom lashline, and then use my favorite cheap black eyeliner from Essence to tightline my top lashes! I switch up which colors I use from the Too Faced shadows but it's usually the browns.

And that's it!

I usually end up putting on chapstick or something on my way to work, but most of the time that doesn't make it into my basic makeup routine. I also have a whole set of under-eye bag coverage // brows // more eye things that I sometimes do, but when it comes to keeping it basic.... voila! This is it :)

Wanna join the challenge?

Here's the directions from @amobigbang!!
2. TAG @amobigbang

Tagging some amigos I've seen around :)

I'd love to see your challenges, too!!!
nice card!
@MyAffairWith I actually am thinking about writing one up about it here too since it's one of those things I totally didn't mean to by & ended up with haha
@hikaymm I heard so many good reviews on YouTube about it. It's one of my favorite foundations.
@gymnast3191987 I go thru phases, too :) recently I've been wearing it but sometimes I'll go weeks without!
@MyAffairWith I was hesitant to buy it but after I saw how nice the coverage was without being heavy I couldn't resist!!!
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