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Day 2 Favorite BTS Song okay so before I share my favorite song is from BTS I have to just rant a little. who ever knew that it was so hard just to choose one song from BTS that is your favorite. They have about 70 some songs. Yes half of them are cover songs or some songs that were never made onto the albums they came out with but it is really hard to choose one song from this group that is so good at what they do. So I just decided that I would choose my top 7 songs and put them on this card.
first up is the song Like. The reason why the song is number 1 on my top 7 favorite song list is because of the melody that they have on this song. You can't help but dance along to the melody and try and sing every part of the song. When I got this album I didn't know all the songs I only knew the first two which was We are Bulletproof and No More Dream. So when I listened to the full album this song instantly became my favorite song within their album 2 Cool 4 Skool.
song number 2 is Attack on Bangtan. a couple of weeks ago I posted a card on how dangerous it is to dance to Bangtan's songs. Well this was one of the songs that I will put in that is dangerous to dance to. The energy within the song you can't help but feel the energy they have while they sing it and even watching the videos or when they're performing at concerts. that's what I like about this song is because of the energy that it draws out you can't help but soak up all that energy they give.
song number 3 is Just One Day. this song really grabbed my attention when it first came out. How sweet and simple it is with how each boy imagines how they would spend Just One Day with their girlfriend. It was a sweet short and simple song and I love it. It's a song that I listen to every day like it's part of Bangtan's religion.
Song number 4 is Danger. Throughout this year and last year my brother who graduating i would listen to this song every time he was wrestling. And every time I listen to the song he was always either pinned his guy or win the match. So I would listen to this song every week and every day when he was wrestling. Plus this song is in my top 25 most played and is number 12 on the list. So I listen to the song a lot
song number 5 is Converse high. this is another song where the melody is so good you can't help but sing along with them and dance along to the melody. My favorite in part in the song is when rap monster is thanking the Converse high Gods for creating his ideal type with white T-shirt jeans and red Converse. also along that I like J hopes part where he says let's go somewhere where rap monster won't know I really like that part makes me laugh every time i hear it. with Suga's part I think it's funny but I like on how he says he doesn't like Converse but at the same time he wears them.
song number 6 is Whalein 52. This song has somewhat of the same Melody as Converse high but little bit different and what like about this song is just how to vocal team sings their parts it just makes my day listening to this song. And when the song comes up on my iPod I'm just so happy to listen to it. it brightens my day
song number 7 is Dead Leaves. what gets me every time I listen to the song is when Taehyung is singing his part and his deep deep voice oh it just gets me all the time.
there you go my tops favorite 7 songs from all of the songs they have created over the years