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Have you heard? Too faced has finally released its pb&j palette. I just purchased it and am so excited to get ny hands on it!!! They're having a huge sale rn and will be releasing their better than sex" mascara in water proof within 3 days !
What are your favorite too faced products & have you seen the ones being released? @jordanhamilton @tessStevens
I wear their born this way foundation and love their blushes too!!! I've got one of those palettes, it's called the rock and roll palette love the shadows
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You definitely need to put pics up with those shadows. Have you tried their eyeliners ? They're really cool because it looks like a marker but is gel based and the bottom of it is a great tool to help with wings.
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No I haven't. And please do! I love the shadows are tried. @stephosorio please post a swatch card!
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will do thank you 😏
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