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Since White Day is in full swing in the other side of the world, I figured I'd better get my butt in gear and do this! I was tagged the by the lovely @amobigbang who is the one who created this bad boy.
Can't you just smell all of the romance?
Suga, Suga. Our paths seem to be crossing a lot lately as you slowly creep your way up my bias list. Our personalities are similar so I know we would be the most sarcastic couple, throwing comments left and right, making people wonder if we actually like each other, when we're not snoozing together of course.
I do love strawberries, they are my favorite. I guess Suga is more observant than he looks.
Wow. That's one hell of a spicy outfit. I really don't like nudes though since they makes my corpse like paleness more apparent. Those heels would kill me, in fact I had a pair just like those that nearly did. Not to mention I'd tower over Suga more than I already do.
Now this is absolutely perfect for me. I love cuddling, blankets, and movies. Three of my favorite things. Add in some Suga. Perfection. But! Its completely impractical for that outfit! I mean yeah I wouldn't have to suffer with those heels but I'd have to worry about the dress.
Well in that case, I don't need to worry about the dress. This works out perfectly!
Simple, elegant, not too heavy. Suga knows me really well apparently. Plus, I might in the minority on this but I love gold. I think it's very pretty.
Yay! White Day!
Thanks for playing!
@amobigbang thanks for making the game! I love these! You should keep making them ^_^