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Are you a one-friend kind of person?

Do you need a huge group around you to be happy?

Answer the 5 questions below and find out what friendship you might be most suited for!

Don't scroll down until you've read all the questions :D


Mostly As: Soul Mate

You're a one-person kind of friend. You're incredibly loyal and are looking for your one partner in crime.

Mostly Bs: BFFs

You're looking for a tight group of friends that will be with you through anything. You're the three musketeers, probably always up to something! All the friend-love but without all the drama.

Mostly Cs: The Crew

You like having a group of friends around you all the time. You and your crew feed off each other's energy and nothing can get between you.

Mostly Ds: Social Butterfly

You prefer to have a lot of little friendships. Rather than one bestie that knows everything about you, you like to be friends with pretty much every one you meet.

Mostly Es: Literally Everyone's Friend

Wow, you are definitely one of a kind. There is nothing you love more than getting to know someone whether its in line at the grocery store or the girl behind you in class. You're outgoing, talkative, and ready to hear all different points of views.

Leave your results in the comments :D

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yesss got B
E! :D I once had a friend tell me that I could go to a party with 30 different people at the same time, and literally none of them would know that I was there with anyone but them. I like to flit around and have a ton of different friends, because I love putting people at ease and making sure everyone is having a good time!!
Awesome quiz btw @sophiamor love it :)
I had 2 A's, 2 B's, and a C
A... soulmate.