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A lot of anime (especially those that are long!!) end up having what people call as "filler" episodes~

Basically, these are episodes where nothing much really happens plot wise, but there's a lot of fan service or fun moments for the audience.

Are you guys fans of filler episodes?

Or do you hate them? I don't really mind them, to be honest, as they usually serve to develop characters in some way, even if the plot doesn't seem to move forward very much throughout these kind of episodes.

What are your favorite filler episodes?

I don't mind filler as long as there isn't too much of it *cough* naruto *cough*. But a couple here and there are fine, I hate filler arcs though. Those are the worst. Haha
I don't mom filler episodes at all most of the time to somehow do have something important going on for one of the charters.
I actually like filler episodes, in a lot of shows things get really focused on the serious stuff, and it's nice to have something thrown in just for fun every now and then. Makes for a nice change of pace and it shows the characters in more everyday situations rather than in just: "life or death, save the world" mode.
I don't mind them, as long as it's not just a recap of what has already happened. I think Neon Genesis: Evangelion's "Death" was like that. Just a bunch of clips and pictures from the series, in over an hour! It was annoying, but good for background noise and tv.
this is my I don't care about fillers face 馃槍
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