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Guys! I'm just so freakin excited! I just feel like this after seeing the latest starship update of #GUN (shotgun)!

If you guys don't know who #GUN is I will explain :). He was one of the rapper trainees on No.Mercy fighting for a position in Monsta X. Unfortunately, he did not make it. In the last episode he ended up getting eliminated, but he is also WINNER Mino's cousin. Here is a video and background music on video of him rapping to get to know him a little better.

Anyways, back to what I was talking about!

Well yeah he released a rap and I'm just so dam happy! Listen for yourself!

#GUN - Reload

Now, I'm just waiting for this to happen..
Oh Man! Why am I so excited!!

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@xxchicharitoxx Dude!! Tell me why I had a big cheeser on my face when I saw this and was cautiously posting this on here! I was about to have a mental break down. I just wish this is all true and they aren't just playing with my emotions. But starship hasn't done that to me yet so I have hope πŸ˜†
Yes you should!! @VKookie47
Dude cry it all out!! This is a freakin amazing moment for us #GUN fans! @Dabaesaplayer I might of cried a little when I was screaming my life away too lol
@AnnahiZaragoza seriously when I saw this I was already freaking out because one of my biases dyed his hair and then I literally couldn't hold myself together when I saw that #GUN came out with a single and that starship is starting to ( hopefully ) get him out their. legit tears flowed. I'm so happy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is why I didn't want to watch it because I know I'll get sad if I got attached to one of them and I was getting attached to #Gun but I stop so Yep