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10 Things Your Dad Probably Has

While all fathers are unique and special in their own way...

There are some things that are just SO "Dad"!

1. The White Sneakers

My mom literally took my dad to the shoe store to make him buy NOT white shoes one year. My dad out-smarted her by buying two pairs of the same white sneaks last time he went shopping so he had a back up waiting for him ;D

2. The Random Free T-Shirts

My dad has been giving blood since his 20s and probably has more than ten different free Blood Bank t-shirts that he wears ALL THE TIME.

3. The High White Socks

Bonus is they have a tan line to go with it.

4. The Hawaiian Shirts

Casual but not too casual, am I right?

5. Tucked-In Polo Shirts

Multiple colors for the win!

6. Some Form of Man Slippers

While most dads get ties for Xmas, my dad always gets a new pair of man-slippers.

7. These Sandals

I'm not sure when my dad started wearing them, but now I rarely see him without them.

8. Your artwork

In their office, on the fridge, in their car...they probably have some of your greatest pieces of art displayed somewhere they can see it every day!
My dad still uses the keychain I made him more than 10 years ago!

9. So many hats

They have their grubby hat they wear everywhere (probably with sweat stains) and of course their "nice" hat that stain-less ;D

10. A great laugh

What is it about dads having ridiculous laughs? Did we, as their children, bring this upon them? Would they have developed this laugh if they had not become dads?!

What else is SO "Dad"-Like?!

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My dad is 6 of these
2 years ago·Reply
tucked in Polo shirts, sandals and priceless sarcasm.... my Dad!
2 years ago·Reply
my dad only does number 8....
2 years ago·Reply
This almost describes my grandpa to a T
2 years ago·Reply
Hahahahahaha, this is SO true of a dad I know! ;)
2 years ago·Reply