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Women's bodies are glorious things, the source of life on earth...

and the cause of pure, infuriating, monthly pain for us ladies.

Since our insides are literally falling out of us, we get a little...moody.

In most cases us females act like the wonderful Ron Swanson:

1. We can get really blunt.

2. And no one is allowed to be moody other than us.

3. We want food and very little human interaction, please.

4. Like seriously, we don't want to be around people.

5. For brief moments, even the most peaceful of ladies will feel like punching someone right in the face.

6. Oh we had dinner plans and our friends will be bummed if we aren't there? TOO BAD. NOT TODAY.

7. Do not try to compete with us during this time.

8. Give us the food we want and no one gets hurt.

Granted, this isn't applicable to EVERY girl but based on myself and every girl I've lived with, we've all felt this way at least once.

Good luck guys. You're true champs for understanding us during this time (and holler at all the ladies who have to deal with the REAL pain!)

ahahahahaha love this. I was one of those people that doesn't have the energy to be cranky lol. I'm just gonna sleep and wear pants with an elastic waistband
Yep I completely understand. I do feel like punching people on that time of the month.
how about if you generally feel like this Lol 馃槀
@Priscillasdoor thankfully i do not have any gifs of ron swanson doing that though hahahaha
pleasure helps with pain. most women masturbate to relieve the pain
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