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A MAN WHO HAS NEGATIVE THOUGHTS..... A man dreamt of his future, without knowing that he is mature he thought what would happen next in the world, but he couldn't get the meaning of a single world. And then came his child, who wished to go to chile. the man imagined a fight accident, and the child's wish was never sanctioned. And then came his wife who wished for new knife. The man pictured a cut in her hand, And finally her wish was banned. When the man went to dine, he found that his family was not fine as he figured out the reason for their sadness he found that it was because of his madness Finally the man thought of wish that his family must never miss Yes,never to be foolish and short sighted but to be reasonable and far sighted. ( I wrote this poem before 4 years that when I was ten.... comment smtg bout ma first poem)
thoughtfull line arsha...amazing...ur talented, keep it up
its interesting your mind was working such great word combinations and depth. beautiful