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I've heard my teacher say, "the world was made this way by a simple particle down blast, boom on the ground" " But it is not still good enough to make these trees that are up !" with this thought in her mind , the kid went straight to her mom "mommy?" , Yes dear ice" " how was the world made into tiny and bid pieces " mommy replied " there is God above who made it all happen" The kid astonished " if he able to create such a big world he must be huge I would like to meet him" After a while she heard a sound behind , which was not loud but clear " tell my child did you want ask something? " yeah you must be God, I heard that you made it all from heaven to ground " yes my kid I did" with these words the huge white cloud disappeared the little girl ran inside the house to tell her mom what she just saw " mom,mom guess who I just met like a white cloud of mist " who honey?" the almighty " God" " very funny. finish up ur homeworks" she left alone in room she smiled herself and said to herself, I know wat I saw and I'm not crazy and this secret stays with me!!!!!!...
@jazziejazz is it nice??