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Otaku's are the best friends you'll ever have
Who's your best Otaku friend?
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@kibitokai prob... but I'd say she's more of a loyal and dedicated follower of the nicktatorship regime :) #allhailme
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I have lots of friends into anime and manga but no otakus. Like my friends Madalynn, Draven, Dylan and new addition Kayce are into manga and my friends Madalynn, Jason, Dylan and Draven and even my older bro like anime but non of them are otakus Well I say lots but I really only have a few
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Oh and my friend Jace too he likes anime
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she ? I think you mean "he"... as in Dahvid 馃槄 @simplynick
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@kibitokai shh shh.. it's okay... denail is just a stage :')
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