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1) Although I've figured out a few along the way, most unspoken social rules escape me. The most difficult interactions for me revolve around sadness and grief. I avoid funerals altogether.
2) I lose things all the time, and tend forget what it is I'm looking for anyway...usually because I find something else I had been looking for on a previous occasion.
3) Unless I invite it, I don't like to be touched. Especially by strangers. When in doubt, just don't touch me, please.
4) I am the eerie calm. I have this strange contrast in situational reaction. Emotional and sensory buildup will cause me to melt down or shut down, but in life threatening or other high stress situations, I am strangely panic free (until later, when emotion and panic hit me like an earthquake). I am the person who, after getting my neighbors out of their burning house, will run back in to grab a purse, a diaper bag, and keys to move the cars away so they won't explode. (Yes, I actually did that, last year.) Even I get weirded out by how calm I am in such situations.
5) Although I've been practicing and trying to figure this makeup stuff still feels so alien and incomprehensible to me.
If you want to take this challenge on, here are the rules: 1) Create a card with Why I'm Weird In 5 Gifs in the title. 2) Tell us your 5 biggest quirks/strange facts about you with gifs. (Or if your phone can't do gifs, funny pictures work just fine too!) 3) Tag 5 friends to do the challenge next! @MichaelOgg @LadyLuna @2Distracted @ebethoven @iixel
The stranger touching me thing. Uh huh me too. That's a no. Eerily calm in high stress situations. uh huh me too. Forget things. uh huh me too. Absolutely enjoyed your card:)
Very nice
I AM ALL ABOUT #3 haha I hate surprise touching! And being poked specifically