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So as most know TOP is my ultimate bias. So let's get the challenge list out and check off these challenges. ^^
Challenge list uploaded! Let's get this party started!
1. (Bias in sunglasses)(1) So handsome and then silly ^^ 2. (Bias' selca)(2) So handsome. 3. (Bias eating)(3&4) Who could forget TOP eating snow.....(Skip to 40 sec) Plus a gif of him eating. ^^ 4. (Bias with messy hair)(5) Messy hair don't care! This one was kinda difficult, he always looks so..... not messy XD 5.(Bias in red)(6&7) I say he looks good in anything but red ;)
6.(Bias predebut)(1) So young and cute 7.(Bias shirtless)(2) Shirtless!!! It's okay just a little bit more ;) Your going to kill me..... 8.(Bias singing)(3&4) Got him singing 'No Diggity' and OST of Secret Message. :) 9.(Bias being sexy)(5) Agreed! ^^ 10. (Bias eating chicken)(6) So finding him eating chicken is near impossible.... I went to three sites looking for images of him and this was all I found. (Sorry!) You can find him eating ice cream before chicken XD
11.&12. (Bias at the Airport & Bias' airport fashion)(1-3) I considered these to be together. ^^ 13.(Bias with eyeliner)(4) 14.(Bias waving)(5&6) Waving at us ^^ 15. (Bias dancing)(7) A dance compilation. Don't care too much for the song they put with it but what can you do :)
16.(Bias laughing)(1) Compilation of TOP laughing. :) 17.(Bias in black)(2&3) Ah....he looks handsome in anything.... 18.(Bias at photo shoot)(4-6)Man he has been in a lot of photoshoots XD 19.(Bias doing peace sign)(7&8) Aww! 20.(Bias winking)(9&10) H-Hey..... -Fans self- Don't start.....
21.(Bias aegyo)(1) Couldn't find any good aegyo for him :( But this definitely made me laugh. ^^ (Skip to 1:05 to see TOP) 22.(Bias black hair)(2&3)Love seeing him in any color. 23.(Bias drinking)(4) XD 24.(Favorite MV)(5) Fantastic Baby or Monster would have been this but then MADE series came out XD 25.(Bias sleeping)(6&7)Awww.....
26.(Bias at fansign event)(1)So young! 27.(Bias' eyes)(2&3) Ah! They draw you in! 28. (Bias at radio show)(4) A funny one I found where he broke the headset XD 29.(Favorite OTP)(5-7)Obviously GD X TOP ^^ They are adorable together. 30. (Favorite Kpop Group)(8-10) You don't know? Big Bang of course! ^^
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Love it love it! :D