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I'd like to introduce you formally to a phenomenon that you more than likely experience a multitude of times throughout your day. It's also likely that you have never actively thought about it either. Psychological Space is the idea of relativity and area. It is what keeps you from sitting down next to someone on an almost empty bus. It is a basis for action and social awareness and affects your confidence drastically. Let's look at the bus scenario. If there is only one empty seat left, it is perfectly fine for you to sit down next to someone. However, if there is only one seat taken, you should not go and sit next to the only other person on the bus. Likewise, you should not sit as far away from that person as you can either. You sit somewhere in between the two extremes. Most all of us understand this concept on a sub level. But it doesn't always show up when we need it to. Let us look at another scenario. If you are in a meeting, with executives or employees that you don't already know, where should you sit? There are multiple answers to this, but what I would do, is sit across from an interesting looking person. This would ensure both a confident parallel for the duration of the meeting as well as a possible new social asset to work with. Your positioning does matter in social environments and can bolster your confidence if compensated for.
This stuff fascinates me!! It seems like some people are immune to this though. I am sometimes SUPER careful to not be in others ways, but I know some people who are only conscious of their own space. (It's always one guy/girl) like @shannonl5 said
oooh I think about this all the time! Whenever I'm on the subway you can always tell who doesn't give a thought to anyone else and who's considerate by how much space they're taking up
@sophiamor that's a tricky scenario. I would say that either way, you are justified in your action.
Yes this is awesome! Another thing I wonder for the bus scenario. You're sitting next to someone and then a seat across the aisle opens. Do you move so you both now have an empty seat next to you or do you stay there rather than moving away from your original seat? I always wonder if people think I'm rude for taking the first chance I get to move away from them hahahaha