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Sorry that it took so long for me to upload this. This chapter doesn't have smut, I attempted to make it funny to make up for it not having smut sorry if I failed. Again sorry for no smut but my next couple chapters will have smut in them, I promise. This chapter is a little short so sorry for that too.
JB and Junior sat up real quick. Hey we're back! Jackson yelled as they walked through the front door. Where's my clothes? Junior panicked. In the closet, JB said. Junior jumped up to get his clothes, tripping over nearly everything. What was that? BamBam asked. I don't know let's see, Yugyeum said. No! Mark shouted without realizing. What's wrong with you Mark? Jackson asked. Um...nothing it's's just I got leg cramp and it hurts real bad, Mark said with a fake laugh. Then go sit down and I will go see what it was, Youngjae said. No! It hurts real bad can you guys massage it out for me? Mark asked. Um sure, they all said. I'm gonna go to the bathroom first, Jackson lied. Jackson made it look like he was walking to the bathroom but then turned and walked in on JB and Junior trying to put their clothes back on. Jackson paused and then quickly closed the door so no one would see. You dirty little liars, Jackson said. We can explain, JB said. Nope, it's too late, Jackson said. Jackson please don't tell anyone, Junior begged. I have a feeling someone already knows, Jackson said. Wait, what? Junior and JB said in unison. I think Mark knows, Jackson said. How would he know? JB asked. I don't know but he was stalling for you two, Jackson said. Mark noticed Jackson didn't go to the bathroom so he got up real quick and went into the bedroom to see Jackson talking to Junior and JB. Thanks for telling me Dimsum, Jackson said. I was going to tell you but I didn't think they would want people to know, Mark said. Thanks for not telling anyone Mark, Junior said. When did you find out by the way? JB asked. Earlier today before we left, Mark said. Wait, when you went to go tell them we were leaving? Jackson asked. Yeah, Mark replied. No wonder you pushed us out the door like that, Jackson said. Jackson glared at Mark and then turned back to JB and Junior. We will keep your secret but I don't want to walk into our dorm and see you two doing any freaky shit, Jackson said. Make no promises, JB said with a smirk causing Junior to blush. We are not doing anything freaky! Junior yelled. There's no reason to lie Junior, JB said. Shut up or I'm gonna kill you, Junior said. The next day Get up! We got practice! Junior shouted. Why do you torture us, BamBam said. 5 more minutes, Yugyeum said before falling back asleep. They wouldn't get up so Junior walked over to them and yanked their blankets off of them. I said get up, Junior repeated. Okay, okay we're getting up, Yugyeum said. Junior walks out of the room and Yugyeum and BamBam take their blankets and cover back up then all you see is a shoe flying in their direction. Why can't you two be like Youngjae he's been ready for the last thirty minutes, Junior said while Youngjae is in the background with a devilish grin on his face. Meanwhile in Mark and Jackson's room. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you I just wanted to try something new, Jackson said. Yeah well that isn't happening again, Mark said as he was holding his lower back. Maybe you shouldn't keep secrets then, Jackson said back. It wasn't my place to tell you, Mark yelled back. What's going on in here? Junior asked as he walked through the door. He's still upset cuz I didn't tell him yesterday and so he got back at me for it, Mark said. Oooh, Juniors said as he noticed Mark holding his lower back. It serves him right, Jackson said with an evil grin. Don't worry about it anymore. We are planning on telling everyone else, Junior said. When? Mark asked.
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