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“Who Do You Think You Are?” by Lumina H. No, stop thinking about how many likes you get per post No, stop wondering about how attractive you appear compared to the most No, stop pondering about your degree or your salary No, stop questioning your value on superficial things that don’t really define your validity. Who do you think you are? Without all your outrageous, or even small achievements in and out of school? Without all your accomplishments posted on your Facebook wall? Without all your fancy clothes you bought to look hot? Without all your pretense, your lies, your hypocrisy, to be someone you’re not. Who do you think you are? If all your close friends left you when the world accuses you for something you never did? If even your family starts to doubt your trust and they have secrets they hid? If you are all alone, without your intimate relationships? And you suddenly lose all your ties to your families and friendships? Be prepared to know who you truly are Because life is so unpredictable, hard, unfair and bizarre Remember that people have the potential To come and go as if you were somehow inessential When you are naked with nothing to hide behind When no one seems to care about you, when they seem so unkind When you can’t relive your past, when you can’t unwind When you don’t know what to do, when you are blind Remember that this is what it means to be truly human That this moment is the reality of mankind. Who do you think you are? When you answer this question in bloody wounds, under deeply cut scars. You become the most beautiful flower, the brightest star.
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