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People should know what they are taking about before hating on kpop because if you dont know what in the world your talking about and you just like hating on people then your gonna make a HUGE fool of yourself. For example:When Girls Generation won an award in the U. S. people kept on saying who are these people i dont understand why they won and then they start hating on Kpop fans. Well you know what honey i will tell you why Girls Generation won,its because Girls Generation had the most votes. If you wanted your favorite artist to win then you should have voted for them. You have no reason to hate on US because its basically YOUR FAULT that your favorite artist didn't win so don't take it out on us because you dont know who will come out for you. Also when Awesomeness TV thought it would be so awesome to hate on Girls Generation. The day after the awards Awesomeness TV did this recap on the award show and they had the nerve to say they need to go back to their homeland and calling then Chinese. Ok telling GG to go back to their homeland is a stupid thing to say because A MEMBER WAS BORN IN AMERICA and callling chinese well tbh i find that racist because i swear most people in the US automatically think that they are chinese every time thet see them. Yeah sure some may be Chinese but a majority of them are Korean. I mean you should be smart enough to think that the K in Kpop means Korean. The whole point of this card us just to tell and WARN people if you hate on kpop or ANYTHING you beed to know what your talking about because people will come after you especially with kpop. Pls use common sense bc you will look stupid and dumb. Take my word for it or just get hated on for hating. IM AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL AMERICANS JUST PEOPLE IN GENERAL.