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Got7 team:
There was a closed and ruined building not too far from where i was. The place was surrounded by gang members pretending to be normal people on their phones and listening to music, typical. I looked around trying to find a way to get inside without getting noticed or caught. I slide into the bushes without any shoes on to not make any noise. I keep tip toeing into the back of the building until i find a door.
I enter the room, not making any kind of sound that can blow my cover. I find Mark after just a few minutes, he was tied into a chair and blood running down from his head and from his arms. I rush towards him and look at his face. His eyes were mid open and his hands move up to my face, tears rolling down his swollen eyes.
"He's gonna comeback Jackson, you need to leave"
"Are you out of your mind?!!, I'm not leaving you here with him, not in a million years!"
I untie his hands from the chair and then grab him by the arm as i put my other arm on his waist to be able to hold him. He could barely walk, his legs were numb and he was in pain. As we walk closer to the door, he came inside. Amazingly all of his boys were gone, there was no one outside and just him inside.
"You never listen do you?, goddamn, i leave you for one minute and you're already up and going.... hmmm maybe i should just finish you myself."
He approaches me and tosses Mark to the floor, leaving him scream in pain because of his swollen back. I block every one of his attempts and took the chance to kick him in his balls and punch him hard on his face. For a man who runs a city gang and has hundreds of communications around the country, he's very weak.
"Why did you kill them?!, fucking answer me!! why did you kill them?!!!"
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Yeah! fuck him up Jackson FUCK HIM UP!!!....I'm sorry I'm way to into this lol