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So I drew this today at daycare and my friend was showing one of the kids how to write Kim Namjoon in Korean. She says she's not sure if she wrote it right, but when she got up, she said, "there, now her name is Kim Namjoon." lol
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so cuute! what is Kim Namjoon?
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@InVinsybll my friend says "it's Rap Monster from bts"
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@InVinsybll and thank you! 馃槃
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I'd draw anime for everyone at daycare. I'd also have them watching anime with me tho too. Maybe not what I'm suited for lol. I'm more of a player than a teacher. I act like I'm still in high school even tho I've been out for years now. Haha
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I'm right there with you @LuffyNewman XD
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