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The title might of thrown you off, but this is not your typical love letter. The love of my life comes with no shining armor and cupid did not hit me, but this love came natural. Twenty five years ago, an amazing woman gave birth to me after wanting a daughter for some years, her one and only dream came true. That woman is you. You call me the joy of your life and the fact of the matter is, you're the joy of my life as well. I can't remember one time you let me down. You're so much more than a mother, you're a best friend, a confidant and angel -- simply put. When nobody else believed in me, there you were in my ear cheering me on all the way. My dreams were also your dreams.
I've watched you grow old before my eyes and while it breaks my heart to watch you age, it's a beautiful process. You took care of me for twenty five years and now it's my turn to return the favor. When your back hurts and your knees give out, remember I am your backbone and I will be there to support your every step of the way. When your thoughts become lost, I will help you find them. When you don't feel like cooking because you are too tired, I will be your personal chef. When you can no longer hang to watch movies, we will save it for a rainy day. You are the epitome of a Queen. A woman who will give her first and her last only to be left with nothing for herself. I admire you and your beauty. Not just the exterior, but the interior. You were gracious long before Beyonce made that term 'popular'. The strongest woman I know, I salute you. You deserve so much more than you've been given. Give me a few years and I will repay you ten fold. I love you to the moon and back and to the moon again.
@jordanhamilton so sweet :)
This is dope. Your bond with your mother is pretty awesome. Hi Five her for me!
I definitely appreciate it! :) @MyAffairWith
why thank you! don't get emotional :) but yes, our bond is extremely strong and that's one of the main things I love most about our relationship @EasternShell
I'm going to get all emotional @jordanhamilton. You seem to have a strong, loving bond and that's the best, healthiest relationship that I could think of having.
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