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Now what to read?? How about an anime/manga Monday binge!! After work of course 😕. Then onto the pages of adventures and awesome dreamlike stories!! Let's sail away in the manga world my NAKAMA!! Manga 4 ever!!
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I neeeed this
Lol dats like by anime collection, I'm friending u 😉
@koifries @InVinsybll @skygrinderdrive thanks NAKAMA!! Keep a look out I'll be doing my manga giveaways coming up again!!
Read Ajin
I just started watching Joni's bizarre adventures and am adding it to my list. I'll check that out too next time I'm at the manga store. I have about 250+ manga in store to buy in the next year or so so I'm gonna need a few bookshelves NAKAMA but thanks for the recommend!! What's the basis for the story? @otakufangirl