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I was in the mood for pictures tonight so I took a snap of what I had for dinner! They are two very popular homemade Korean dishes. Super delicious, a little bit spicy, and very healthy.

감자조림 (Gamja Jorim) - Simmered Potato Side Dish

Made by my husband. I have no idea what how he made the sauce form scratch. All I saw was potatoes being simmer in a big wok. I did tasted a bit of garlic, red pepper, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Anything with potatoes is good! He said this could help clear sinuses.

된장찌개 (Doenjang Jjigae) - Soybean Paste Stew

This was made by me (last night). I'm not kidding but overnight stew taste much better. It could be because it is more condensed because water evaporated while reboiling. I probably add too much water last night. The main ingredient is: soybean paste, tofu and zuchinni. Quick Recipe: 1. Scoop 2-3 tablespoon of soybean paste into 1-2cup of water. You can play with the ratio according to your taste bud.
2. As soon as the soup is boiling dice in chopped zucchini. 3. Once the zucchini looks cooked add in tofu. Let is sit for for 2-3 mins and you'r done!Serve with rice! Have you tried any of the dishes above? What's your first Korean dish?
Thanks. I've been looking for ideas to expand my banchan recipes (Korean side dishes). My favorite to make (and super easy) is Sigeumchi-namul (blanched spinach).
@lilbr0wneyes You should! it was a tad spicy for me but it's delicious if you mix the sauce with rice! :)
I Wana try that potato one it looks good
@gigiandviking Glad I was able to help! :)