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Everything sucks I HATED ME because, there was no trace of luck and I started quacking like a duck, in depression. Under the impression, that I will be counselled. and I was,when it drizzled, I was made to close my eyes, and think of my new life I looked around me, there was nothing but a tall tree I sat near by, and started a new try. I climbed up the tree which gave me a confidence for free. l laughed out majestically, and I was amazed beautifully. l opened my eyes and I saw a difference in me, I started a new life with full of confidence and not with over confidence........☺☺☺☺☺
@jordanhamilton thought you might like this since you also made card about confidence.
Thanks so much for tagging me @jazziejazz and I agree, this was absolutely beautiful @arshada! Continue to love yourself!!!
@jordanhamilton thank u 😊
You're very welcome