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"Its so beautiful" you look out to the horizon noticing that Tae took you to a giant cliff with a waterfall and a lake at the bottom. You also notice that there is a table with two chairs with candles and food on it. "Whats going on?" you ask "Look just trust me just please sit here and I'll be right back." "k" u were suspicious on what he's up to. You heard footsteps behind you. You felt warm hands wrapped around your shoulder and a chin resting on ur head. "Tae what are you doing?" you chuckled. "I'm so sorry to what I did to you (y/n). I really am sorry." You recognized that voice it wasn't Tae. You shot up and turned around. You were stunned to see Jimin standing there in a black and white tux. "Please let me talk." Jimin said. "I don't want to talk to you right now." You grabbed your sweater and started walking away. Before you knew it you were picked up bridal style into Jimins arms. "Hey what are you doing? Put me down!!" "Please you need to hear me out." He said holding you. You tried squirming out of his grip but at the same time you didn't want to be let go of. You cover your face with your hands not wanting to look at him. He chuckles because he knows your turning red. You hear the sound of crashing waves come more louder every time. He starts to get on his knees and puts you down next to him. Once you we're put down you tried to crawl away. Something grabbed your leg and pulls you to the ground. You turn yourself so now ur back is on the sand and look up to see Jimin is on top of you. Staring down at you. Your noses are touching. "Please (y/n), you need to hear me out." You try to squirm away but he ended up pressing his whole body on you. Your face starts to burn up. His lips was next to your ear. You can feel his warm cheek against yours. He begins to whisper. "Please. I didn't mean to hurt you. Ever since I first saw you and we made eye contact I was nervous. I didn't know about what but I was. I wanted to carry you to your apartment but couldn't. When I looked into ur eyes it was like everyone just disappeared." You stopped squirming and began hearing him out. "I am truly really sorry." He kisses your cheek. "I forgive you." You whisper to him and kissed him on the cheek. He got off you and helped you up. You got closer to the water. "Oh my God what is that!?!" you point to the water. He tries to look at where you pointed. You then splashed him with water. Jimin gasped and started splashing you with water. You guys ended up having a water fight. You then started running around and Jimin was chasing after you. He caught up to you but you accidently tripped him and fell. You were on top of him now. You both laughed. You looked into each others eyes. You guys got closer and closer to each other. Jimin put your hair behind your ear and pulled you into his lips. Your lips are pressing together. It took you a while to realize you guys were kissing. He wrapped his arms around your waist. You didn't know your hands were roaming around his abbs. Your toungues started to intertwine with each other. He starts kissing your neck. This makes you have small little moans. Before he got to your chest there was a honking noise. You both pulled away from each other as fast as you guys can. Your started to fix your hair and pull up ur shirt a lil more. Jimin looked at the direction where it came from and saw Tae honking the horn to get us up there. He had that rectangle smile on his face that can make any girl go crazy. You guys went up there and Tae was luaghing his ass off. "How about getting a room first." He started laughing even more. Both you and Jimin were blushing hardcore. Jimin grabs you by the hand and starts walking. Let me walk you home. He smiles at you. You nodd your head.
It can't end like that.
hmmm why was he with another girl to begin with????? hmmm mm lol