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You walk into the party and are looking straight fire. You're with your best friends and you're trying to rationalize your future bank account balance after tonight's festivities.

And then you see THE CRUSH. Eyes locked. Time stops. You are so close you can basically hear them breathing (or maybe that's your hyperventilating).

Your reaction is something like this.

You begin to stare but what if they notice but you're like "I'm so obsessed with you but not really because that's creepy but you're so attractive but do you even know who I am I mean of course you do because I've met you a million times but you're practically perfect omg I need to stop looking but like you're you and I'm like me and okay I'm the worst kind of person"...

I give up. The view is too great to handle.

You contemplate if walking up to them would be a good idea.

But instead you opt for the casual walk-by and see if they notice approach.

Which ultimately fails.

They pass you on the way out and give a brief "hey". Failed attempt. It's fine (kill me).

*Chugs drink*

Ahahahaha the internal screaming part is VERY me. Don't show them your weak right? ;)
The casually walk-by is so me *sigh*