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Hey all. Everyone agrees Mondays suck, yes? Well, sometimes little things in the day can make it a LOT better. Excellent weather that makes you feel happy. Great shoes that make you feel like a million bucks. And excellent grade on that exam you'd been prepping for.

Perhaps a friendly stranger who compliments you??

So, today I'm starting a "Pay it Forward" Compliment Challenge. Here's how it works---

--- I will start by complimenting a few people.
--- Compliment the person who commented above you to spread some love.
---- Make sure to TAG them so they see your awesome compliment!
If you don't know that person well enough, well get creative. :) I'm sure they at least have a great smile!
----- Also, it's ok to say Thank You! and keep complimenting other people. Let's make this card get 100+ comments to spread the maximum amount of love.
BONUS CHALLENGE: After you compliment the person before you, get to know them by continuing the conversation. You never know, they could be your new best friend.

Ready, set, compliment and spread the love on Monday!

@2Distracted I LOVE YOUR CARDS TOO. :D I appreciate that we can both be silly together on here. Talking to you is always the best! @YumiMiyazaki You are so adorable and wonderful, and I think you should make more of those funny animated cards like the one you made of you and your mom and your sister because that one made me laugh so hard. :D Your sense of humor is serious perfection! @Meeshell I am so grateful that we were able to meet through Vingle because I think you're so much fun to comment with. We dork out about the same things lol. @CreeTheOtaku When I first met you, it felt kind of like this: -- I am so glad I get to fangirl about all sorts of things with you on here. Peace, love, and YURRICA forever. :')
@danidee HEYHEY GURRRRRRL I am super omega glad I have found you in this wonderful Vingle community! You make what feel like weirdo rantings about donuts and MLP and pajamas with a butt zipper for going to the bathroom seem like normal, not at all odd convo's. And of course there's the ICL, and I think we have some kpop fondness as well... you dah best. <3!!! And @CreeTheOtaku We have had some sweet kpop moments and I hope to have a jabillion more! :D:D:D:D:D!!!
@danidee Aww! thanks so much! :) And thank you for being such a good friend!
@EasternShell you seem like the type of person who appreciates a great conversation full of laughs =) and not taking life too seriously.. being spontaneous - I absolutely love that! Remain spontaneous, keep laughing, and seeing life at a "half-full" glass. Those are some of the most healthy things you can do for yourself.. And they're all contagious for the people you surround yourself by! P.s where is the next road trip to?
@jazziejazz dood I feel you dat work is killing me right now hahahaha 😪😪🤐
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