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So BTS has just released a video on what I am guessing is their new comeback named 'Now3'!! The video is only 52 seconds and shows random clips..It seemed a lot longer probably because I kept pausing it XD..They all looked amazing and their hair colors are um....very interesting.. I took some screenshots...sorry if its bad quality I was watching it on my phone
I'm excited for this..I don't know if this is a new concept or not but it look awesome

What Are Your Thoughts On This Comeback?? Are You Ready For It?

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@fallchild This was filmed in America. You can tell by the street signs and Hobi says "Chicago" at one point. Also, the city and the outside surroundings are quintessential midwest. The last shot of them walking under a bridge, you can see the Equal Rights Campaign sticker on the sign to the right of their heads. As for the hair colors, this was most likely filmed last summer or fall when the weather was still nice in the windy city. Jimin still has his orange hair in this trailer but he's recently gone brown. So this is not their current hair colors. They most likely used temporary (spray in) color for this concept shoot. Currently, Suga has purple hair and Kookie has black hair. I think @StephaniePoore is correct. This is a dvd or cd package they are advertising for. That's not to say there isn't a comeback in the works but this is advertising something specific and it's not representative of their current styling. If it was a comeback trailer they would have used their looks from this year, not from months ago.
I think it's like one of their summer DVD/photobook package
I think it's just a dvd/photobook thing
OH MY GOD THEY DYED KOOKIE HAIR ahhh he's grown up so fast please return to your cute bby self namjoon I love you and your new hair color I'M NOT READY
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