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there is a broken angel with no hope trying not to be made fun of the feelings he has to show for his purpose in life he does not yet know inside of him a bomb of emotions is about to blow to him,happiness for him is out of the question the word is like a memory now he is spiraling into depression this broken angel has eyes of despair true love was an illusion that was never there everyday he feels like a person that cant be truly blessed taking two steps back and making no progress in life there is always something to learn whether it is a beautiful lie or a painful truth there is no concern As i understand more and more about the man in the mirror day by day the understanding of life became clearer it is like a battle between the strong and the weak yet it is hope and no bloodshed that we all seek some people may not deem it worth it but there is more to people then what's on the surface In life the only thing the angel wants to do is help And yet people are using his generosity for themselves If all people do nowadays is stab people in the back then the pathway to unity is very far away and that's a fact loving can hurt but loving can also heal but then when it hurts it feels like i have a heart of steel ` is it this complicated to find a friend? a person i can tell secrets to and person to fight with til the end? but every time i try i get rejected and when i try to open up,by other people i always get neglected Day by day this broken angel tries to mend his broken heart he lets the wrong person in his life and it severely falls apart This broken angel is like a baby,crying for help but his life is too cruel and only taught him to fend for himself the past can certainly change the present you try to forget but the pain from the past you can always sense it As deception turns to a matter of perception what is the right thing to do is out of the question As this broken angel faces life's cruelties with no protection his undying soul feels like that's the only thing in his possession As he goes through life feeling broken and disabled To him,he will always be known a sorrowful broken angel