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This Friday on SNL, they aired a sketch on Hillary Clinton and a funny ad campaign they created. They mocked the potential Democratic nominee for literally morphing into Sanders.
Clinton has received criticism over the years for totally changing her views on things, and adapting to other campaign strategies.

But is it so bad that Hillary is changing her views?

Here are two sides to the argument---

Hillary is a sell-out.

SNL frequently mocks Hillary as someone who is deathly in need of the vote. An ambitious women that is bloodthirsty for the persidency. She's been in politics for a long, but she's always changed her stances on things. Why? To get the vote. That's the only reason she changes her views, and that's why she's stealing ideals from Sander's campaign.

Hillary is just trying to keep up.

For someone who's been in politics for a long time, it's pretty typical that you'll change your stances. And it should be celebrated. Hillary just saw what the public desires and is just going with.

What do you think? Smart move by Hillary, or is she becoming too "Bernie"?

They actually have a very similar voting record. The big issues they voted differently on were the Patriot Act and the invasion of Iraq. Which granted, were no small decisions, but Sanders was definitely in the minority on those.
@nicolejb I don't understand why she's afraid to be herself. I remember her being so steadfast in the 90s. Yeah, there were a lot of issues I didn't agree with her on at that time, but there were many more that I did. But now, it's hard to tell which way she falls on some of the issues that I consider pretty important. Is there any way we can get her back, but keep some of her more progressive views?
Exactly @annamolly and that's what I'm hearing from my friends too (and from SNL lol) that you can change your politics over time, but changing your whole persona and main goals to just get votes? Idk Hillary. Her campaign has been really weird so far. Lots of changes and back and forth.
I want to vote for someone who actually believes in what they stand behind, that also supports most of what I support. I understand changing over time, but there is a difference between changing when you learn new information that broadens your perspective and changing to suit popular opinion. I really wanted to be behind Clinton, she's a great political figure. But we need a drastic change, one that she hasn't convinced me she supports.
shows that's she's a total fraud..