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I've always believed that animals possess a very special healing power, and this story proves that this is true. This little fluffball will make your heart melt.

It's time to meet Cody, the pet raccoon!

Meet Cody and Kasey Valentine.

When she was a teenager, Kasey was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and a few years later, she was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder. She had to quit her job and she felt alone and disconnected staying at home all of the time. And then she met Cody.

Cody has been helping Kasey.

Kasey adopted Cody from a man who wasn't sure how to care for the raccoon. The two have now become best friends. Cody provides some much needed companionship for Kasey, and he helps her socialize when she takes Cody on walks. Cody has also been protected from a possible new law in the European Union that would disallow humans from owning pet raccoons. Kasey has received permission from the House of Commons to keep Cody even if that bill is passed.
You can follow Cody and Kasey's adventures on Cody's Instagram or Facebook page.
“He naps with me during the day when I’m feeling very unwell,” Kasey told BuzzFeed News. “Without him I would probably never leave the house so he has been a huge confidence boost.”

You've got to love the healing power of an animal companion!

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But how is he so CUTE?!?!?!?!?!!!!
So precious!! :D gah, I love therapy pets. I wanted to train my dog to be one, but he's too much of a stinker
@nicolejb Yeah I wish I could train my cats but they are so freaking crazy that it would never work haha
@sophiamor I know!!! The pic of him cuddling in a towel is my favorite!