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My dad loves to buy my mom flowers to show her how much he appreciates her. My mom loves to take my dad out to restraints that he would love. Each of them expresses their love differently to the other person. How does MBTI play into that? Well, I looked at the Love Languages and tried to determine how each MBTI might show love to people they care for.
This card is brought to you by @ChirsSingularus who came up with the idea.
(Disclosure: I'm not an expert in this, but I've read a lot about MBTI and I like to try my best at guessing. Also, there are usually more than one way that people show love, so I might have missed your others!)

Quality Time - ENFP, INFP, ESFP

You like to plan events or dates to show your person how much you appreciate them. To you, showing love can be simple as just wanted to grab coffee with that person. However, the people in your life might not see that. Make sure you tell them how much the quality time you have with them means to you. And explain that it's how you show you appreciate them.

Physical Touch - ESTJ, ISTJ, ESTP, ISTP

This is a pretty straight-forward way to show how much you appreciate someone. Usually your partner can recognize. However, it can be taken the wrong way. Make sure you let the person know you appreciate them more than just for hugs/kisses/sexytimes ;) that's just how you show you care for them!


You like to create tangible gifts for the people that are important to you. You a pretty good at remember what your partner likes, and getting them just that. Or even for a friend that you appreciate! You are also known for being crafty. So sometimes your love shows up as a mixtape, a collage, or a framed photo.

Words of Affirmation - ENFJ, INFJ, ESFJ

You are pretty straight forward and tell people how you feel about them right away!! This is helpful because your friends and partner know where they stand. You are the type to also get creative with your words and sometimes it comes out as thoughtful letters. Make sure your partner isn't overwhelmed with all the talk though. Different personalities might take it as over-compensating!

Acts of Service - ENTJ, INTJ, INTP

You love to DO things for people you care about. You will clean the house, cook them dinner, or spend the whole day taking them to where they want to go! You put your partner/friends first in a lot of instances. It's very nice for your partner, but in may take a toll on you! Make sure you are doing stuff for others, but also for yourself.

What other ways do you like to show love?

Definitely true for me!! I love to encourage! I'm a huge mush letter writer as I do better writing than speaking I also love listening carefully and taking notes in order to get or make people things that a very personalized just for them!!! thanks this was awesome card!
love it!
words of affirmation, pretty true lol
XD we do use words of affirmation.
If I insult you playfully, it has a hidden meaning of "I love you" behind it
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