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Hello Vingle family! I found these mashups today and decided to share them with you! Lets get started!! ( WARNING THESE NEXT FOLLOWING MASH UPS MAY OR MAY NOT KILL YOU AND CAUSE HEART ATTACKS DUE TO THE FEELS )
Mash Up #1 CL AND BTS THOE❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mash Up # 2 iKon X GD X TAEYANG
Mash up # 3 iKon and BTS I would wear head/ ear phones for this one because at the end there is a earphone split thing
Mash up #4 iKon and BTS
Mash up # 5 GD X Taeyang X Luhan I kinda like this song because its like saying that people think he is a bad boy but is actually a good boy ( sorry if it doesn't make sense or if you dint like this one)
Mash up # 6 BTS AND GOT7
Mash up #7 EXO-K and Bang Yong Guk This is EXO's Acapella version of MAMA and Bang Yong Guk instrumental of I Remember
This is all I have at the moment. I may or may not update this later if I find more mashups that ruined my life or I can make another card. Comment down below which one you liked more or if you know any mashup(s) you want me to listen to and put on here also comment down below. I hope you enjoyed these mashups!!