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I never see anyone talking about this manga/anime so I thought I'd make a card about it. the manga is much better then the anime, but the animes not bad. so how many people have seen this? and how many have read the manga?
And I LOVE these two!!! How could you not ship them?!?!
If you haven't seen or read this, I definitely recommend it but you should probably read the manga rather then watch the anime, it's just better. anyways, how many people do know this anime and manga? I just feel like it deserves some love, since no one seems to care about it. it's called Akuma no riddle or riddle story of devil.
@VanessaShivers most definitely
@TylerCinamella you should totally watch or read it.
to those who doesnt know this anime its actually a bit of a yuri with less sexual content on it but its absolutely an awesome anime ☺
this is one of my watch
I never heard of it but it definitely looks and sounds good
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