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haha I feel like we all have those days where we just feel cute & happy feel good songs hit the mood just right! ^^ This is also a good playlist if your feeling down though. It can cheer you up!
Hide & Seek by Astro: These guys are super cute. The song is cute, the dance is cute, their expressions are cute! All around cuteness~
Just Right by GOT7: Haha I can't even with GOT7's cuteness. Love this song & the message in the lyrics & I mean...just look at those faces <3 too cute. Such a fun & cute song
Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet: I like Red Velvet. Their cute & I like their music. This dance is pretty fun too! ^^ At the end if this card you can see BamBam from GOT7 go all out on this dance xD
Mansae by Seventeen: Seventeen is cute too & this is another cute & fun song! ^^
Can You Feel It (Choki Choki) by D&E from Super Junior: Hahaha I love this!! ^^ Such a fun & cute song but this video just adds so much to it! I love the ending with Heechul xD Heechul always gets me cracking up~
Gee by Girls Generation: Does this need explaining? One of the cutest girl group dances & songs. SOOOOO many boy groups have covered this song & performed it haha, I admit Super Junior's cover of this is just too good lol
Happiness by Super Junior: Speaking of SuJu, I always thought this song was cute & had a fun beat too! ^^
and a bonus!! here's GOT7 dancing other groups dances xD BamBam is too good~ hahaha
@BekiKunstman yeah! They seem really cute though haha ^^
@katiems Newbies!? Dang, that would explain why I only see a few things here and there about them.
@BekiKunstman haha I would tell ya but I honestly don't know them past this MV & song~ I believe they are a rookie group though
@katiems Sorry! Hahahaha, Astro is the group I'm not familiar with.
@BekiKunstman which group? Super Junior?
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