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Anime Monogamy: One or Many?
I'll be honest here from the get-go: I blatantly stole this idea from @paulisadroid, who is asking the very same question, though with regard to Video Games. The question is whether you play one video game at a time, or whether you mix it up, balancing different games at once.
I figured this question is very easily translatable to the Anime community, so I stole his idea and reworked it for anime.
Same question, though! Do you watch one anime at a time, remaining faithful to that specific story, or do you watch many at once, switching between narratives and storylines and keeping track of them all?

Personally, I like to binge through a single anime at a time.

I feel like I never have enough free time (which probably isn't true) and so when I do get the chance to sit down and watch some anime, I try to watch all of that anime so I'm not caught between episodes or waiting for the new release. If I go through a season at a time, I'm okay because I have the bulk of a narrative in that.
Trying to balance anime is too much for this time in my life where I don't have the free time I'd like. I still have games to play, yknow!

How do y'all watch your anime?

One at a time?

Or all at once?

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I read one at a time. I feel like watching one at a time makes me appreciate the storyline and characters more. and I fall in love with the anime more all together. but shows like naruto, one piece, bleach etc with a bunch of episodes I stay away from. because I watched them alot when I was a kid so im already familiar. and it just takes tooo long to catch up.
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I watch simulcast Anime on a bulk basis. But Anime that have already concluded or Anime that have completed a season already I binge.
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Because anime likes to troll and leave me hanging at the end of every episode, I tend to have multiple "one more episodes) until it's 3am and I have school or I finished the anime. But I'd say my problem is more focusing on one anime instead of watching multiple different animes to cover more ground, since I claim to be an otaku and yet haven't seen a crap ton of anime mainstream or not
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I watch one at a time with the exception of the on going ones like Fairy Tail and One Piece.
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I binge watch a single anime. I always try 2 watch completed anime rather than ongoing (tho I do watch ongoing ones sometimes) so I won't have 2 wait 2 finish anything 2. lolz Sometimes tho, I'll stop in the middle 2 change anime simply bc I want 2 watch something else all of a sudden. xD but yea. I try 2 cram in as many episodes as possible all at one time.
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