BTS "Now3" Photoshoot~
EDIT: BTS's "NOW 3" will consist of our beautiful boys 2016 photo shoot done in the US ❤
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thank goodness 😳 now I dont feel as worried
2 years ago·Reply
Never mind it's a photo shoot collection from the US that they're doing
2 years ago·Reply
@adelinlin In the comments on youtube they said that it was some kind of photobook or DVD T^T
2 years ago·Reply
@SugaMint yea it's a photoshoot. it's a good thing it's that. it would be WAAAAAY to soon for them to come back. Babies need rest 😢
2 years ago·Reply
@adelinlin yeah.....😢 They REALLY REALLY REALLY need rest T^T
2 years ago·Reply