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I Just wanted to see my UB and my Wrecker together in one picture.. hahaha @PrettieeEmm kind of gave me this idea cause she had Jackson and JB in one picture..haha..I wanted to have the but everyone know my MAIN SHIP..IS MARKSON..Mark with someone else doesn't exist. .haha
here my 3 men in one pic altho u can't se Jacks very well..
The Ultimate Trio..lmaoo!! well you see a lot of a woman loving two man, but not three ..haha what's wrong with me.. is all Markson fault cause I just can't separate them seriously is same Kpop..has gotten to me.. I need treatment. .lol
I ship 😁
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@Raz4L haha ok..I ship JB with Jinyoung and YoungJae sometimes. .
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@luna1171 I like to ship all types of members together :3
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